Why does Taste the World Community exist? Taste the World is a fun and helpful way to be part of a vibrant community of people with the same passion like yours, a Recipes & Foods Club where each member contributes to the conversation with their own experiences. The role of our team is to help build the culinary community and to contribute fresh culinary articles, food recipes, tips and food recommendations.

Dan Petra, Founder & CEO

I love traveling and food and so far life has taken me to over 30 countries on four continents. I launched this culinary community for all those who dream to discover the world thorough foods and I hope that you will join us in this journey! Welcome to Recipes and Foods, the most vibrant international food community!

Mellissa Eldreth, Editor

I progressed from writing classical literature to food & travel articles because I love to day dream of places where I was or where I want to go. I love reading culinary guides I can reach all this exotic places thorough food.

Aron Bitting, Editor

I worked as an event journalist until one day I thought it was the time to give myself a chance to do what I love. I really enjoy to write for Recipes and Foods!

John Losoya, Community Development

What could be better than being in daily contact with people who have the same passion for food and travel like you? I believe that nothing else can mach this and I try to convince everyone to join us. Come and join Taste the World Club!

Zana Abrego, CFO

After several years in the corporate world I decided to combine work with pleasure and here I am! I try to replace imaginary journeys with culinary journeys and the advice of my colleagues are making my life as a begginer cook way more easy.

Kris Karam, Editor

I want to see and know everything and I’m surprised that not all people think they have to discover something new every day. I am a culinary traveler and my daily motto is Discover!

Julienne Echols, Editor

Is there someone who doesn’t like food and travel? I don’t know anyone who hasn’t wished to travel and experience new international foods so I write for people who read with pleasure about the world and life.

You!, Contributor

You too can be part of our team. Send us a culinary article written by you or your favorite food recipes! We cannot promise that all items submitted are published, but we promise that you will definitely have feedback from us.

Nathalie Bodner, Marketing & PR

I like people. All kinds, colors and ages. While cooking diverse foods you learn to appreciate more the world and the people.

Maria Darius, Editor

I write out of passion for travel and I travel out of passion for writing. I love the sun and water so you will most likely find me on the beach on holiday.

Art Ostroff, Web Development

I am passionate about everything related to the internet and I like food and travel, so it’s no surprise that I chose to be here.

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