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Goose Pie

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Goose Pie
Old Christmas Recipe from Richard Briggs, The English Art of Cookery. (London: 1794. Third Edition).
  1. Boil a small neat’s tongue till it is tender, peel it, and cut of the root and tip-end;
  2. bone a large goose and a large fowl; mix half an ounce of beaten mace with a spoonful of pepper and one of salt, season the inside of the fowl and goose, put the fowl in the goose, and the tongue in the fowl;
  3. make the hot paste, with half a peck of flour, as directed in the beginning of this chapter, raise it high, put in the goose breast uppermost, sprinkle some seasoning on it, lay on half a pound of butter, put on the lid, rub it all over with the yolk of an egg, ornament the sides and top, and bake it three hours;
  4. if it is to be eat hot, put the bones of the goose and fowl into a sauce-pan, with a quart of water, a bundle of sweet herbs, two blades of mace, a little pepper and salt, and stew it till it is above half wasted;
  5. then strain it off, and one hour before the pie is done take it out, and put the liquor in, and when it is done send it to table hot. If it is to be eat cold, put no liquor in when it is cold, cut it in slices across if you please, put it in a dish and garnish with parsley for a side dish for supper.


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