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How to make the most of your Christmas Menus

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The disposal of unused food reaches a peak over the Christmas period. This guide provides some simple recipes which will help you to use up excess food and leftovers.

Before the season starts it is worth doing some pre-Christmas planning to prevent food waste and save a bit of money.

1. Make a shopping list checking what items you already have in stock before leaving the house.

2. Think back about last year and try to identify what items remained unused at the end of the season. Was it because it was an unpopular Christmas food item in the household or a product that was bought in too large a quantity?

3. Go against tradition. If there is something on the Christmas menu that nobody really likes or more probable that no one has room for, why not leave it out this year?

4. Pay particular attention when planning parties or dinners for guests. Try to limit the amount of quickly perishable foods served on the night to what you know will be used. Unlike other times of the year the leftovers from a party are a hard sell when a house is full of goodies. Have some non-perishable snacks in stock which can remain unopened until the perishable items are used.

5. Don’t overstock on basics such as bread and milk. Supermarkets and local shops re-open very quickly after Christmas so there is usually less need to have extra supplies.


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